A short description of this website:

  • Main page:

There are the latest posts / articles from the entire page sorted by the date of publication. The most interesting posts / articles will be probably pinned at the top of main page.

  • Projects:

Here I put all my completed projects which are worth your attention. I will probably also publish larger projects that require some time to complete.These large posts/articles will be divided into parts (they will be marked accordingly). All projects will be well documented in a graphical form – there will be many photos in each post / article. In almost all posts/articles I will publish files that will allow you to make a given project by yourself. Currently there are 3 subcategories (Electronics, Robotics, 3D Printing) according to which the projects are sorted.

  • Other:

Here I put all more or less important content such as this page or contact form 🙂 .


  • Copyright:

The use of this website content for commercial purposes is not allowed. Almost everything on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Creative Commons License .This license does not apply to content that is not my property *.

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For now, this website does not collect any personal data in the database. Comments are stored on external DISQUS servers.

  • Responsibility:

I am not responsible for any damages or injures that arise as a result of following the information’s given on this website. I can not guarantee 100% correctness / truthfulness of the information’s that are published on this website.

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This website available at saves cookies on your computer. Cookies are used by various scripts. For example some of them collect statistical information and adapt the content of the advertisements to the user’s preferences. If you don’t want this site to save cookies on your computer, you can disable them in the settings of your web browser. If you do not intend to change these settings in your browser to disable cookies on this page and you do not agree to use them, leave this page.


If you like the content of this site and you would like to appreciate my work, you can give me a “donation” via Patreon. The money will be used to maintain the site and for further interesting projects.

Please do not block ads on the website ,because it is one of the sources of a very small revenue that allows me to maintain this website.

Thank you for any support,

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  •  19-08-2015 Setting up this website (on a simple server based on raspberry pi)
  •  21-08-2015 Added subpages
  •  22-08-2015 Added contact form
  •  29-08-2015 Added telemetry charts updated every minute on the IoT page
  •  17-08-2015 Implemented CMS and dynamic loading of posts together with paging (PHP / MySQL)
  •  29-11-2015 Minor reconstruction of the site and preparation for building a responsive site
  •  2015-2017  Website removed from the internet (Serwer shut-off)
  •  26-07-2017 Abandoning the old website written “from scratch” and switching to the ready to use CMS platform
*Elements that are not my property: page background graphic (source:


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